Outer Island Accommodation - Gilbert Group of Islands

These are the different accommodation options that you can find on Outer Islands. Tours can also be arranged with these accommodation operators.


Abaiang Island Council Guest House
The Council guest house is situated on Taburao village about 15 minutes drive from the Airport and only a few minutes’ walk to the lagoon side...more
Ouba Islet Resort & Fishing Lodge
Located on a small coral islet of Abaiang atoll in the northern part of the Kiribati group which is about 2hr boat ride from Tarawa. Developed with a concept of ecologically friendly resort to ensure sustainability of its limited natural and marine resources. It has a total land area of about 0.5 hectares and a great place for the adventurous...more

Teirio Islet Beach Escape
If you are looking for a place to hide where you can free your mind from all your troubles and worries, then Teirio is a perfect place for you. It is a branch resort of Betio Apartments located on a small isolated islet on Abaiang Atoll known as Teirio which is about 2hrs ride by speed boat from Tarawa


Abemama Island Council Guest House - Attn: renovation in progress therefore close business until further notice
Situated on the ocean side of Kariatebike Village, where the Island Council Station is located. From the Airport to the guest house is about 30 minutes ride by truck. The guest house enjoys a stunning view of a nearby sea aquarium where tropical fish can be seen during the day, whether at low or high tide in the channel guest house look onto...more
Monivae Hotel Chevalier College
This guest house is owned and operated by the Chevalier College. Situated on the ocean side of Tabiteuea , Abemama close to Binoka’s beach, (the tyrant king of the island during 1800s ), which is about 10 minutes ride by truck from the Island Council Station...more
Rickata Lodge - Attn: Closed until further notice
A newly opened accommodation for visitors travelling to Abemama has been named after its owners, Richard and Akata - Rickata. The lodge is located about less than 5 minutes ride from the airport. It has a peaceful and quiet surrounding with no neighbours ideal for those seeking their own privacy and enjoy an atmosphere of serenity and tranquility...more
Check out our weekend trip to Abemama video ...click here to download your copy


Butaritari Island Council Guest House
Located in Temwanokunuea village close to the lagoon side about 10 minutes ride by truck from the airport...more
Parish Guest House Butaritari Island
Situated in the Vaticano village at the Catholic Headquarter about 7 minutes ride by truck from the airport. From the guest house to the wharf is only a few minutes walk...more
TKK Guest House Butaritari Island
Located in Temwanokunuea village about 7 minutes walk from the Island Council Station, close to the local hospital and the wharf where cargo and passenger boats arrive and depart....more

Makin Island

KPC Guest House Makin Island
Situated in Eden village at the Kiribati Protestant Church (KPC) Centre about a 10 minutes ride by truck from the airport...more
Makin Island Council Guest House
The Island Council guest house is located in Tematairawa village close to t the ocean side and about a 7 minute ride by truck from the airport...more

Marakei Island

Marakei Island Council Guest House
Situated near the beach on the ocean side of Rawannawi Village just a few steps from the Local Council Station. From the airport to the guest house is about 10 minutes ride by truck. It is also within a walking distance to the local hospital there...more


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