Marakei Island Council Guest House

Situated near the beach on the ocean side of Rawannawi Village just a few steps from the Local Council Station. From the airport to the guest house is about 10 minutes ride by truck. It is also within a walking distance from the local hospital there.


Include one concrete building with three rooms that can be used as a double and single rooms. Each of these rooms have ceiling fans, and are furnished with beddings and mosquito nets. They have two share toilets, 1 shower and a kitchen with cooking facilities such as stove and utensils plus tea and coffee making facilities. It has a lounge with a table and some chairs. There are also two additional small Kiakias (local house with raised platform) placed along the edge of the beach side ideal for relaxation while enjoying the sea breeze. Soccer field is just across the road opposite the local council offices for those who want to watch or join the locals playing soccer. Meals such as breakfast, lunch and dinner are served. But in-house guests can also cook their own food if they wish. Island guided tour, motor bike hire, truck hire, boat hire can be arranged with the clerk on request.

Contact details

Island Council Station
Rawannawi, Marakei
Tel: (+686) 34205

Additional Information

For full information about MarakeiĀ  Atoll please click on this link: Marakei Factsheet