Accommodation Overview

Kiribati offers a wide array of accommodation types – from hotel/motel to homestay and traditional structures called

Otintaai Hotel
The Villages
Tabon Te Keekee

‘kiakia’s’ and ‘buia’s’. To assist in providing information on all the accommodation options for the country we have provided this up to date list of accommodation operators in the following locations:

Tarawa Accommodation -


The capital of Kiribati, has the biggest population and the most developed.

(3 hours flight from Fiji)

Kiritimati (Christmas) Island Accommodation

Stay here for some of the best fishing in the world.

(3 hours flight south of Hawaii)

Outer Islands Accommodation

Escape the modern life and experience traditional villages and hospitality. Note: this is for real travelers, as in leaving behind the madness of modern life, you may also leave behind the convenience of modern facilities.

(Including Gilbert, Phoenix and Line Island groups)

Private Island Escapes

If you're looking just to get away from it all, why not have your own island for a week or two?

(Ouba Islet, Teirio Island, Biketawa Islet)



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