Ouba Islet Resort & Fishing Lodge

Located on a small coral islet of Abaiang atoll in the northern part of the Kiribati group which is about 2hr boat ride from Tarawa. Ouba_Islet_-_Fishing_Lodge_265x199Developed with a concept of ecologically friendly resort to ensure sustainability of its limited natural and marine resources. It has a total land area of about 0.5 hectare and a great place for the adventurous.

Ouba offers four traditionally designed Buia (pronounced booya) and two smaller KiaKias with raised platforms off the ground to take advantage of breezes and half-walled to provide privacy without sacrificing views. Each Buia has an external deck. It can accommodate singles or couples with a sitting room or the sitting room can be used as an extra bedroom. Both Buias and the KiaKias are lit by hurricane lamps. The resort has a central toilet/shower area, also constructed from local materials, with western toilets, a septic system and separate shower stalls. Our dining and bar area have stunning sunset views. We also provide catering, all your bedding, towels, soap, etc to make your stay on this islet  comfortable. We sell beer, liquor, soft drink and wine on request. We can also cater to any special dietary requirements provided we are advised in advance.



Fishing and snorkeling on this small islet are world class. We offer game fishing in some of the most productive waters of the Central Pacific as well as food fishing off our surrounding reefs and in the lagoon. You can walk across our fringing reef shelf or, for even more excitement, drift through one of our inter-islet channels from one of our boats. While diving or snorkeling you will see beautiful gigantic Napoleon wrasse through brightly coloured trigger and parrot fish down to the range of fascinating critters like nudibrachs.




What to bring?

  • All your toiletries and any first-aid medications

  • Reef shoes

  • Casual clothing- we find a sarong, sulu or lap-lap ( we call them lava lavas ) is the most useful item of clothing
  • Snorkeling equipment

  • Books or other reading matter and cash to buy drinks and snacks (Kiribati uses Australian currency)

Contact Details

Mr. Emil Schutz    
Managing Director
MBl: (+686) 90440 or (Ph): (+686) 26136
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Website: http://kiribatihorizons.com.ki

Additional Information

For full information about Abaiang Atoll please click on this link: Abaiang Factsheet


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