Abaokoro Guest House

The guest house is situated in Abaokoro, North Tarawa, about an hour ride by boat from Bairiki wharf. It is an ideal base camp to travel around North Tarawa. There is a nearby bridge that provides a perfect swimming spot for those staying at this guest house.


The guest house facilities include three rooms that can be used as a double or a single room. There is one share toilet and a shower plus a separate kitchen with cooking facilities such as kerosene stove and utensils. They have a lounge that is also used as a dining room. The lights are run by the generator. Meals are served but guests can also cook their own food. Boats operate from Abaokoro to Bairiki wharf in South Tarawa on Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday subject to tides.


Services such as meet and greets on arrival, guided tour, boat hire, motorbike hire need to be pre-arranged with the Clerk.

Contact List

Island Council Guesthouse
North Tarawa
Tel: (+686) 31009