Kiribati Tourism Action Plan

The Kiribati National Tourism Action Plan 2009-2014 is the key planning tool by the Government of Kiribati in the development of tourism in the Republic. The Action Plan was launched by the Hon. Temate Ereateiti, Minister for Communications, Transport and Tourism Development on 19th November 2009.

The Action Plan is broken down into a number of key action areas, these include:

  • Infrastructure;
  • Private Sector Development;
  • Aviation Access
  • Outer Island Development;
  • Reform of Legislation, Taxation and Policy;
  • Education and Training

To spearhead the implementation of the strategy the Government will establish a national steering committee to coordinate the facilitation and management of the strategy. This committee will also review the Action Plan on an annual basis to ensure that the strategy reflects current trends and initiatives.

To download a copy of the Action Plan click here.....

At the launch, the author of the Kiribati National Tourism Action Plan, Mr Danial Rochford provided an overview and perspective of tourism in Kiribati. A transcription of that address can be found by clicking here....

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