The Kiribati National Tourism Office always warmly welcomes positive and constructive travel stories being developed to promote Kiribati. To aid and assist in this process, we have included below a number of media angles and examples of some high resolution photos we have in our photo library.
The information is copy write free. The images however must be attributed to their source. For more information on details please contact KNTO.
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If you are planning on visiting Kiribati we would love to hear from you as see how we can assist your visit.

Media Angles

Very few people have ever heard of Kiribati and know little about our country. Below are some titbits of information and angles that will start you thinking.

  • Kiribati gets less than 6000 travellers to her shores every year. So your experience will be shared with the I-Kiribati and not hoards of other tourists.
  • Kiritimati, or Christmas Island as it is also known, is internationally renowned as one of the best bone fishing destinations in the world. When you fish here you will enjoying fishing grounds that are plentiful – there is no such thing as a bad day fishing when you spend a week chasing down the bone fish.
  • The Scottish author Robert Louis Stevenson visited Abemama & Butaritari atolls, two of the outer islands accessible from Tarawa, in 1889 as part of his voyage through the South Seas. While on Abemama Atoll, Stevenson and his wife Fanny befriended the infamous King Binoko. Robert Louis Stevenson wrote Treasure Island, The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde and the Southern Seas in a collection of articles and essays on his travels through the Pacific.
  • On Kiritimati (Christmas Island) you can visit London, Paris and Poland in a day!
  • Kiribati is only .00023% land mass. The Republic covers a massive 3.5 million square kilometres of the Pacific.
  • In 2009 The Republic of Kiribati has celebrated 3 decades of independence on the 12th of July.
  • The Battle of Tarawa was a turning point in WWII. An enormous battle waged between the Japanese and Americans on Tarawa in November 1943. Other islands involved in the war include Butaritari, Banaba and Abemama. May of the relics still stand, as if it was yesterday.
  • The Phoenix Island Marine Park is the largest marine protected areas in the World and is currently being reviewed for possible world heritage status.


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