Tarawa & Gilbert Islands Fishing

Are you up to the thrill of bringing in a big marlin or sailfish? If so, the Gilbert Islands offer some of the best game fishing in the Pacific. Experienced anglers from Tarawa can take you on a fishing adventure to some of their best fishing spots. Feel the rush of catching sailfish, blue marlin, giant trevally, wahoo, black marlin, yellow fin & dog tooth tuna, and barracuda.

Chartered game fishing trips would cost around AUD$500 to $1000+, inclusive of fishing boat, fuel, fishing gear, and refreshments (beer/soft drinks & packed lunch). Game fishing tournaments are also held in Tarawa, run by the Betio Game Fishing Club every month, with the weigh in hosted at Captains Bar in Betio. Tournaments are timed on the Saturday nearest to the monthly full moon. For more information:

Commodore of BGFC, Mr Chris Brough
Tel: +(686) 26597, Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Derek Andrewartha
Tel: +(686) 26168
Fax: +(686) 26595

Emil Schutz at Kiribati Horizons
Fishing Tarawa & Fish Abaiang and lodge at Ouba Islet Resort—Abaiang Atoll
Tel: +(686) 26136
Mob: +(686) 95195

Kingfisher Boat Hire and Fishing Charter
Tel: +(686) 94658 or 97850

King Kum Kee or Rosie King
For fishing trips & accommodation on Teirio Island – Abaiang
Tel: +(686) 26525
Mob: +(686) 90489 or 90204

This could be you

The one that didn't get away!


A couple of decent tunaBaracuda! Another one on the way!

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