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Fishing in Kiribati - Bone and Sports Fishing

Are you up for the adventure of fishing one of the best fishing locations in the world? Whether you prefer the deep blue waters with big game fish, or prefer the crystalline waters and serenity of saltwater flyfishing, Kiribati is the destination for you. A wise man once said “Calling fishing a hobby is like calling brain surgery a job”.

One big reason anglers come to Kiribati though is the mighty bonefish – by fly or saltwater spin, Kiritimati (Christmas) Island is the place to be. There’s also some world class game fishing, having obtained many International Game Fishing World Records, the waters in Kiribati are open for international anglers to try their hand.  From bonefish, Giant Trevally, to Sail Fish and Marlin, Kiribati won’t disappoint.

So why wait – get your friends and mates and make the trip to fishing nirvana – Kiritimati can be accessed via Fiji or Hawaii, while you can get to Tarawa and the Gilbert Islands through Fiji only

Kiritimati (Christmas) Island Fishing

Kiritimati (Christmas) Island is a fisherman’s paradise. Situated 1,200km South of Honolulu in the Central Pacific, just north of equator, Kiritimati is the largest coral atoll on the planet where the sea and sky naturally decorate a 250 square miles of white sand, iridescent aqua lagoons, coconut palms and endless flats.

This fishing destination is spectacular because it combines all the elements critical to fly-fishing success. Consistent year-round weather, endless hard sand flats, and magnificent numbers of cruising Bonefish and Trevally- making it ideal for the serious angler. What makes the fishing so special and extraordinary is the natural and raw power of the bonefish – it can fight so hard with so much strength that it makes the anglers work twice as hard. The knowledge of local guides always produces a big difference in fishing as they know their own flats, tides, reefs, waters, and fish. Their eagle eyes can spot the fish in any kind of weather condition.

If you still want more, you can always try your hand at either Blue fin, Golden or Giant Trevally!  Giant Trevally is the strongest and powerful species on flats where most fishermen love to challenge its natural power on a 12 weight fly and spinning rod. Many fly and spin fishermen from all over the World come to Kiritimati Island just to wrestle with this powerful fish.  The Trevally normally cruise everywhere on flats, inside natural channels, in deep waters inside the lagoon, and offshore along the coastal reefs – they can weight from 10lbs up to more than 100lbs.

Other species such as Sailfish, Wahoo, Barracuda, Sharks, Tuna and Bill fish are always out there in the blue ocean as a fishing bonus.

Fishing Gear to Bring

The best choice for Trevally fishing is 10–12 weights. Sizes of floating lines recommended are the 10-12 weight.  Sizes of Monofilament leaders from 80lbs-100 lbs perfectly work in Christmas Island, and leader materials are from 30 down to 12lbs tippets. Trevally flies, popping bugs with kamagazu hooks, streamers, lefty deceivers, rat cliffs are right stuffs for your fishing and do not forget to bring along as well one spinning rod reaches the speed of 5.0 ratio and surface lures to attract big Trevally.  We recommend 9-9 ½ foot 7, 8, or 9 weight graphite rods for bonefish and heavier 10-12 weight rods for Trevally.  Sage’s 890 RPLXi-3 is ideal. Eight weights may be better for beginners but no matter what you experience, bring at least two rods in case you break one. You will also need a reliable saltwater reel like Abel’s large arbor Super 8.  A bullet proof reel with a smooth friction drag is essential.

More than Fishing

If you have companions and family that don’t like fishing as much as you, or you want a break from the fishing, there is always meeting the locals and learning the culture, bird watching, lagoon sightseeing and snorkeling , going to London, Paris and Poland all in one day…are all part of the one week holiday package if you do not fish. These activities are available at lodges and should be a participation of 2-5 people per group.

Travelers are given the opportunity here to explore the beauty of Kiritimati Island and its people and their culture to learn and see for themselves how these people survive and what the island provides for them to live on every day. Activities available include SCUBA diving, wildlife lagoon and snorkel at Paris Point, surfing, bird watching, snorkeling and swimming at Cook Islet Bay, and cultural tours.

Tarawa & Gilbert Islands Fishing

Are you up to the thrill of bringing in a big marlin or sailfish? If so, the Gilbert Islands offer some of the best game fishing in the Pacific. Experienced anglers from Tarawa can take you on a fishing adventure to some of their best fishing spots. Feel the rush of catching sailfish, blue marlin, giant trevally, wahoo, black marlin, yellow fin & dog tooth tuna, and barracuda.

Chartered game fishing trips would cost around AUD$500 to $1000+, inclusive of fishing boat, fuel, fishing gear, and refreshments (beer/soft drinks & packed lunch). Game fishing tournaments are also held in Tarawa, run by the Betio Game Fishing Club every month, with the weigh in hosted at Captains Bar in Betio. Tournaments are timed on the Saturday nearest to the monthly full moon.

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