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Getting Here

Kiribati has 3 International gateways. These are located on Tarawa, Kiritimati and Kanton Islands.

Kirimati Christmas Island

The flight schedule from Nadi is as follows:

  • Nadi (Fiji) to Kiritimati (Christmas) Island departsTuesdays at 11.59pm and arrives at Kiritimati (Christmas) at 6.35am on Wednesday, giving you a full day of fishing.
  • Flights return to Nadi the following Wednesday, departing Kiritimati (Christmas) at 4pm and arriving Nadi at 6.40pm the same day.

The flight schedule from Honolulu:

  • Departs from Honolulu at 11.59am on Tuesdays, arriving on Kiritimati (Christmas) at 3pm on Wednesday.
  • The return flight departs at 7.35am on a Wednesday and arrives back in Honolulu at 10.35 on aTuesday.

Please be mindful of crossing the international datelines on all flights that depart from Honolulu and the impact this will have on your connections.

Bookings can be made through or your travel agent.

NOTE: Non US Citizens wanting to travel to Kiritimati Island may require a valid USA Visa when transitting through Honolulu, Hawaii. You will need to contact your USA Embassy to determine your specific visa requirements.


Fiji Airways

Tarawa is serviced twice out of Fiji by Fiji Airways. Flights depart from Nadi on Mondays and Thursdays and take 3 hours. Fiji Airways codes shares with Qantas and Cathay Pacific with connection availabe from Australia, New Zealand, United States and now from Europe through Hong Kong.  For more information on flights and scheduling contact Fiji Airways at

Nauru Airline

Nauru Airline is now offering new flights between Brisbane, Honiara, Nauru and Tarawa . The airline operates a return service from these destinations arriving in Tarawa on a Monday morning and then departing back to Brisbane on Wednesdays at noon time.

For more information on bookings and specials fares from Our Airline, visit their website:

Kanton Island

Kanton Island is accessible only by private flight and boat charters – if you would like more information about private charters, please contact our office (

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