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Kiribati Island Tours

Kiritimati Island

On Kiritimati Island, your accommodation provider will be able to arrange whatever tours you would like to undertake. This includes lagoon boating and kayaking, cultural tours to meet the locals, or exploring the amazing Kiritimati Island (actually an atoll) environment. SCUBA Diving and snorkling can be arrange, along with some fantastic birdwatching (as well of course the world class Fishing and Surfing options). To find contact details, check our Kiritimati accomodation page.

Tarawa and the Outer Gilbert Islands

Tarawa is the base for adventures around the Outer Gilberts, and also hosts some very interesting sites and tours itself. Below are the details of tour providers. For details of tours of the World War II sites, also see our World Ware II page.

Kiribati Holidays Tours

Abatao Cultural Tour

This fascinating tour in Abatao enables you to discover some of the traditional cultural practices of Kiribati that are still continued today. Discover the amazing world of giant clams at a local clam farm and experience a little of the life and customs of a traditional Kiribati village. Among the things that you might see are how garlands are made, how mats are woven and how toddy is cut, among many other things.

North Tarawa Conservation Area Tour

Travel by boat to the North Tarawa Conservation Area, an area looked after by the local I-Kiribati to preserve the environment and culture for future generations. Explore a variety of islets, where you will have the opportunity to discover places of historical significance and hear traditional stories. Visit local traditional buildings, and see the fish traps, watch the traditional sailing canoes and explore the pristine marine waters.

Kiribati Holidays is also able to customize tours and activities to suit your needs and arrange trips to outer islands.

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